Silicone Bi-Polar Electro Cockring 40 mm


This Bi-Polar Electro Cockrings is made of silicone and has two conductive areas on the inside of the ring for electro play.
Simple, quite effective and easy in use.

Unlike the electro cock bands and loops that Mister B carries in his electro play assortment, this electro play cock toy combines both poles into one item so you don’t need two to create an electrical circuit.
Since the current runs from the left to the right of the ring, the feeling is quite different from the sensation you get from the monopole cock bands and loops, where the current runs vertically from the one to the other.

This electro cockring works with 2 mm connectors.
Leads are not supplied with this toy.

  • Silicone electro cockring
  • Bi-polar
  • 2 mm connection sockets
  • Available in 40 mm and 50 mm inner diameter


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