Electro Plug-in Nipple Clamps



Mister B carries this pair of adjustable Nipple Clamps in his electro assortment because they’re simple but very versatile and effective for this purpose.

Not only can these be used for electro play on the nipple (or any other genital area for that matter), but by clamping these to any conductive object, you can convert it to your own personal electro toy.
Think of cigar tubes or contraptions made of electronic DIY-materials… Let your imagination go wild.

To enhance the play versatility, these clamps have been made adjustable.
With the sew you can adjust the minimum setting (equal to maximum pain setting).

SAFETY NOTE: as for all electro play: do not create an electrical circuit through your chest.
So if you like electro play on the nipples, use this pair left and right of a single nipple, NOT one each on the left and right nipple.
Basic rule of thumb: only play with electro below the waist.


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