Mister B Stainless Cockring Donut 42 5 mm


This Mister B Donut Cockring is a stainless steel cockring, polished to a mirror shine perfection

Contrary to most metal cockrings, the wands of these donut cockring are more oval which is much more comfortable when worn longer

Made of 100% stainless steel, these cockrings are way superior, compared to cheaper metal rings which tend to discolour over time or even worse the common chrome plating bladders off This will not happen with your cockring of the Mister B Stainless Collection

The intention of these cockrings is that they hold your entire junk cock and balls Because the ring restraints the blood flow back into the body, it leads to longer and harder erections

Another feature of the Mister B steel cockrings is that theyre also available in the in between sizes of standard cockrings With the available fine sizing youre buying a cockring that will last you a life time

About sizing measure the desired internal diameter with a measuring lint or another cockring in flaccid state you should be able to put a finger under the cockring (dont buy it too tight)

  • Stainless steel
  • Part of the Mister B Stainless Collection
  • Polished to perfection
  • Contains nickel (stainless steel)
  • Available in internal diameters 40 / 42 5 / 45 / 47 5 / 50 / 52 5 / 55 and a whopping 60 mm


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