Black Label

Stainless Steel Triple Cockring L 45/50/55 mm


The round finished triple metal cock ring has a unique look, gives pleasant sensations and a harder long-lasting erections.

Not only fun for you but also for your partner.

A bit of pulling, pushing and hassle but well worth it.

 Stylish and effective if you already have some experience with cock rings.

The three metal rings welded together take some practice to use.

But they have been a favorite with connoisseurs for many years.

 The .

Largest cock ring comes against your belly, you take your balls and penis through this.

Afterwards you can choose whether you first get your balls through the smallest ring.

Or that you first put your penis through the middle ring.

A little lubricant will help insert the ring.

 Available in two different sizes, medium and large.

 MediumInner diameter smallest ring: 40 mm Inner diameter middle ring : 45 mm Inner diameter .

Largest ring: 50 mm  LargeInner diameter smallest ring: 45 mm Inner diameter middle ring : 50 mm Inner diameter .

Largest ring: 55 mm

material: ,


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