Mister B Cuff Hinged, Black



Cuff ’em! Keep those hands together and don’t let them out with the Mister B Cuff Hinged! This sleek, black pair of cuffs may be nice to look at but is not so nice to your sub.
They offer no wiggle room in those tight openings when you’ve got your wrists in them.
You’ll have your sub locked in place until you get that key out, so try not to be too mean, unless you’re into that sort of thing.
We think you’re into that sort of thing.

The Mister B Cuff Hinged, Black are the perfect way to keep your partner locked up without any room to wiggle out.
They won’t get out and they can barely move their hands with these mean cuffs.
The tight hinge that connects the two wrist openings doesn’t allow for any movement and is a sure way to keep your sub in place.
The sleek black look of these makes them great for taking to your fetish event to pair with your leather or rubber outfit.

Handcuffs are a great way to introduce kinky play into the bedroom for those who are curious or starting with restraint play.
Have fun with cuffs!

There are adjustable size options to fit almost any wrist and can be a tight fit for anyone!

Use the key to lock and unlock your cuffs anytime.
But don’t lose them, or someone is in trouble.

Each pair comes with two keys and is available in steel and black steel.



Weight: 340 grs

Length: 210 mm

Minimum opening:50 mm

Minimum inside perimeter: 165 mm

Maximum inside perimeter: 200 mm


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