Mister B Cuff Double Lock, Chain, Steel


Cuff ’em! Keep those hands together and don’t let them out with the Mister B Cuff Double Lock, Chain! This shiny pair of cuffs is that classic style handcuff that you can rely on.
No one will get out of these bad boys until you let them out by unlocking each cuff.
Kinky play is always good with solid restraints! The two-link chain allows your hands to move a bit and twist to a more comfortable position if needed, but not free.

The Mister B Cuff Double Lock, Chain, Steel are the perfect way to keep your partner locked up without any room to wiggle out.
The shiny handcuff is a classic restraint, meant to keep your sub in place, with their hands cuffed together or cuff them to the bedpost or foot of the bed and they still can’t get away.
Get two pairs and cuff both their hands to the bed so they are spread and vulnerable, with no choice but to let them wait for your next, kinky move.

Handcuffs are a great way to introduce kinky play into the bedroom for those who are curious or starting out with restraint play.
Have fun with cuffs!

There are adjustable size options to fit almost any wrist and can be a tight fit for anyone!

Use the key to lock and unlock your cuffs anytime.
But don’t lose them, or someone is in trouble.

Each pair comes with two keys and is available in steel and black steel.


Weight: 279 grs

Length: 238 mm

Minimum opening: 50 mm

Minimum inside perimeter: 165 mm

Maximum inside perimeter:200 mm

Certified Criminal Justice Restraints Standard


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