Black Label

HEX – Hole Expander Xtreme – 8 Bars Spreader


The Stainless Steel Hole Spreader Extreme from the Black Label collection is designed to widen and to keep the anus wide open, so objects and liquids can go in and out unhindered.

At the request of FF enthusiasts, this spreader is extremely large and has an enormous stretch range: between a minimum of 3 cm (legs completely inwards) and a maximum of 14 cm in diameter (with the legs completely screwed out). That’s double FF.

The eight legs go up to 10 cm into your anus, behind your sphincter muscle.

After insertion, screw slowly but surely the legs out to stretch the anus.

The Holder Spreader Extreme is made of high-quality polished stainless steel and offers you more than 1.2 kilos of extreme play fun.



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