WAD the Sentinel – Red


Beware of the WAD! The Weapons of Ass Destruction are not for the faint of heart… or ass.
The Sentinel is a mean son of a gun.
Its increasing waves running down its tapered shape makes it get harder and harder, or shall we say better and better as you slide further down? We shall.
Destroy your ass with this huge WAd.

The WAD collection keeps expanding, kind of the way your hole does with one of these toys sliding in it! And your ass will expand beyond belief with this monster.
The Sentinel gets thicker and thicker as you slide down it further and further until it has fully emerged in your ass after you’ve been stretched to the max.
Once you reach the bottom you can sit there in bliss as you feel your sphincter stretch with every inch your body moves, or you can slide back up to relieve your hole, if only for a moment until you slide back down those huge and greedy humps.
The widest roll is 12 cm so take your time with this ass destroyer.

This toy comes in both black and red versions.
Mister B’s dildo collection WAD Weapons of Ass Destruction are all smooth dildos and plugs, specially designed to give you the stuffing and filling of a lifetime.
From smaller to larger plugs, a horse-dildo, realistic dongs to huge ass wreckers, WAD has them all.

WAD is made in Europe from high-quality PVC and is compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants.


Total Height: 29.3 cm

Widest Width: 12 cm – 6.2 cm

Insertable Length: 26.5 cm


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