Torquator Collar Topped


When you squeeze it, you really feel it! The Torquator Collar Topped is a unique torture collar that can be a sure way to keep your sub from wiggling around.
It has 16 blunt tips that slowly poke into the neck as the connecting chain gets pulled further.
The 16 tips come with rubber bumpers to allow for a more forgiving experience, but if you want to be mean, you can easily pop them off.

The Torquator Collar Topped is a truly stunning piece of BDSM equipment.
It is built with the added twist of 16 blunt metal spikes on the inside that dig into the neck of the sub more and more as the connecting chain gets pulled.

The collar is made of eight connecting links that can be removed to make a smaller fit when needed.
Simply squeeze the elbows of one of the links to slide it through the loopholes that hold it in place.

The black rubber tips on the end of each spike can be removed and put back on very easily, but they will not come off without some effort, so don’t worry about that.
The chain in the back has a loop on it so you may connect a leash or carabiner to it, making sure your victim stays close by.

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