Black Label

Thumbs Up! Extreme Nipple Clamps (2x)


When you want more out of your erotic nipple play session, these Thumbs Up!
Nipple Clamps from the Black Series are the ideal BDSM-sex toys for you!
These Black Label Thumbs Up!
Add a new bondage dimension to your nipple play session.
It’s a devious combination between nipple clamps and thumb cuffs, which will restrain your thumbs and keep it very close to your clamped nipples.
The clamps are designed to cause intense sensation without breaking the skin, and look and feel awful.
The tiny tenderizing teeth of the clamps stay well put, even when your restrained hands become restless.
The smoothly adjustable clamps are made from high quality stainless steel which makes them quite serious nipple weights by themselves (weighing 110 grams each).
And if that is not enough, we’ve also mounted additional attachment point eye loops to attach chain, weights, rope, string, etc of your choosing.
The possibilities are endless.



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