Tenga Egg Wonder Stud (6x)


This egg is a super stretchy male masturbator sleeve made by Tenga, and part of the Wonder series.

The Wonder series consists of six different eggs, each with its own distinctive inner texture so you can choose from an even greater variety of pleasure while masturbating.

These single-use eggs make great gifts not only for friends but also for yourself.

The enclosed sachet of delicious lubricant makes it complete and ready for use.

Choose your favorite egg, or go for variety and get the Wonder Variety pack with all six variants:Wind: the vertical waving ribs arranged in succession respond to both vertical and horizontal stimulationStud: the countless hexagonal protrusions with a sense of edge stimulate every part of the body from all directionsMesh: the thick net shape stretched over the entire surface creates a chunky edge stimulationTube: the large ribs covered with fine continuous steps can stimulate both vertically and horizontallyCurl: the curved edges on the multiple large protrusions create a stimulating impactRing: the ultra-thick ring-shaped detailing creates a tight, pleasurable sensation



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