Black Label

Strainless Steel Ballstretcher with Ankle Restraints


Combines two devious ways to play with your subs bag.

Use the included Allen wrench to attach this heavy duty ring to your partner’s scrotum and attach the included ankle cuffs to force them to their knees where they belong.

 The ankle cuffs can be adjusted to find the perfect fit and feature three D-ring attachment points to further secure them.

The ankle cuffs feature locking buckles if you choose to add your favorite padlock to the mix.

The Ballstretcher ring has extra attachment points for more weights or more restrictions – experiment with your loved one and see how far you can push the limits.

 Weighted, durable and perfect for bedroom dungeons – fulfill your fantasy of humiliation and power exchange with this heavy metal addition to your collection.

The padded ankle cuffs provide comfort throughout the scene and are easy to sanitize after use.

 Ankle Cuffs adjust from 8.5 inches to 13 inches in circumferenceInner diameter: 1.25 inchesHeight: 1 inchThickness: 0.5 inchesWeight: 12 ozChains length: 9 inches

material: ,


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