Steel Joy Stick L


The Steel Joy Stick is perfect for tapping on that prostate with its smooth, hard ball on the end.
It feels so good as it easily slides in and out of your hole too! It comes in two sizes for both beginner and more advanced anal players.
The stick has a rubber end to create a safe and sturdy grip.

The Steel Joy Stick Large is a fun toy to add to your collection! Looks like a lollipop, but it’s not for a sucker, this toy has a large ball on the end to give you that feeling of opening and closing when it slides in and out of your hole.
Give yourself an orgasm by tapping the hard ball on your prostate.
With this large ball you can’t miss it! Steel is very smooth, making it easier to slide in and out than most other toys and requires less lube.
 With the rubber tip you are able to keep a good grip on the toy while you move it in and out of your or your partner’s hole.

Each steel dildo comes in a velvet sack to travel with.
Steel toys are very durable and meant to last a very long time.
Just be careful not to drop it, the material makes it heavier than other toys of its size.

If your toy gets scratched at any point, please discontinue use.

For a unique sensation you can warm or cool the steel.
You can warm it under the tap of running lukewarm water or cool it under cold water.

Do not exceed body temperature (approximately 98°F / 37°C) or you may damage your skin and tissue.
This toy can be used with all types of lube.

Best to clean with Mister B Clean or a disinfectant soap.
Steel is not porous so it does not absorb odors, can be cleaned completely and is 100% safe.

Insertable Length: 200 mm
Ball Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 400 g



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