Black Label

Stainless Steel Tire DoNut Cockring – Large – 40 mm.


Men, keep your cock harder for a longer period of time with the tread tire cock ring, our cool tire tread rings will definitely appeal to kick-ass riders.

Dynamic steel cock ring with a motorcycle tire tread design, If your passion has wheels, these are the rings for you.

Beyond the visually stunning “tire” design, this cock ring will help men maintain a longer-lasting erection.

The cock ring offers extra support and strength, with a snug fit.

The ring features: This ring features:A Satin Finish, Has a unique tire design,A Donut Shape, helps men maintain a longer lasting erectionHighly Quality Stainless SteelA Satin Finish, Has a unique tire designMeasurements LARGE SIZE:15 mm width x 8 mm thick



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