Black Label

Stainless Steel Ring Gag With Tongue Depressor


This open mouth gag is a great tool for deep throat training in BDSM play.

Features:Premium high-quality leather O-ring gag with tongue holder to keep your submissive’s mouth wide openAdjustable black head strapAvailable in silver O-rings and tongue depressorThe internal diameter of the O is 40 mm and the tongue strip is 40 mm longUNISEX It is a product with original design that skillfully integrating tongue depressor and O type mouth gag.

Users will experience a deeper sense of compulsory humiliation through this product.

It is average size that suitable for men and women with larger size of mouth, and the double ring design creates a larger contact surface, which provides enough support for the maxilla.

The width and length of tongue pressing tablet creates a feeling of almost vomiting.

Sensitive users may consider choosing this product carefully.

The belt is made of double leather, and the O type mouth gag is made of stainless steel, which is water-resistant, sweat-resistant and anti-rust.



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