R-1 A10 Cyclone Rolling Fella [D]


It is like a real thing missing only body warmth.

Enjoy the advanced fellatio technique for as long as you like in the comfort of your own home.

A completely unique stimulating mechanism for the The inner cup of the Cyclone is exchangeable with other inner patterns (sold separately) for a completely different sensation and experience.

The spacers for the A10 Cyclone adjust the length of the unit to accomm odate all different lengths.

With all these accessory options, the perfect pleasure is now in your hands.

Over two years of development with a constant emphasis on “Fully Automated Electric Hole”. A10 Cyclone being made in Japan adds a sense of reliability and quality that people have come to expect.

A10 Cyclone will forever change the course of history for electric masturbation product.

The culture of masturbation will never be the same.

With A10 Cyclone, you can enjoy pleasure anytime.

It will caress your penis as long as you want, climax as many times as you want.

With such cenvenient pleasure, please take care to not depend on A10 Cyclone too much    



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