Oxballs Morph Ball Stretcher – Black



MORPH is a pure silicone ballstretcher designed to stretch your sack.
It’s made from high quality Pure Platinum Silicone so it’s soft and smooth but still firm enough to push your balls down and away from your body for a more intense orgasm.
Each end of MORPH is topped with a rubbery ring that’s designed to grip your balls and keep them stretched downwards.
It’s one of our lengthiest and best-selling ballstretchers.

MORPH is a thick, squishy tube of pure silicone designed to stretch your sack low.
The soft material and curve shape “”morph”” to fit your nuts and cling to you like a second skin.

Each end of MORPH is tipped with a blubbery rim that gently rests on your sack and pushes your balls down for an all day stretch.

The outside of MORPH is covered in a cyber-sleek geometric pattern that keeps its shape and strengthens any stress points to prevent tearing.
Wear MORPH facing forward and it pushes your nuts back between your legs.
..looks and feels fuckin’ hot swingin’ back and slappin’ on your thighs.

Wear it facing backwards and it shoves your nuts forward.
..easy access for some CBT or feelin’ your balls bangin’ on your hand while you jerk your junk.

Sack stretching can be a lengthy process, which is why we use Pure Platinum Silicone to make our stretchers.
It’s the closest thing to flesh out there and it won’t irritate your skin even after hours and hours of use.

Silicone is softer and more flexible than neoprene or leather and it doesn’t start to develop that funky smell over time (trust us, we know just how funky ballstretchers can get)…it’s also a cinch to clean with just soap and water.
Hell, our silicone is so tough that you can even run it through the dishwasher.


Width: 2″”
Height: 3″”
Outer circumference: 5.25″”
Inner circumference: 3.25″”
Weight: 2.4 oz/ 68g

Made in Los Angeles California, USA


Original design copyright OXBALLS
Pure Platinum Silicone 100% Silicone, non-toxic, phthalate free.

LUBE SAFE: Water-base, Hybrid, Oil base.
Silicone not recommended.

CARE: Wash after use in warm soapy water, Dishwasher safe.
Store toys separately: we recommend breathable cloth pouches or cotton socks.


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