Opblaasbare Vortex Plug – Blauw XL



Pump it up!  This Inflatable Vortex Plug is so easy to use and is a pleasure to insert.

Inflatable rubber butt plugs and dildos are a good and gentle way to increase the size of what you can take.

Available in Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

The range of inflatables that we carry is top of the line.
The rubber is approximately 2 mm thick, glued together very carefully, and we use high quality metal valves.

As for any insertable toy: do use lubricant.

Since these inflatables are made of natural latex, do not use oil or cream based lubricants because these will deteriorate the rubber.


(excluding inflation tube and pump)

         20.0 (cm)
Insertable length         16.0 (cm)
Diameter (min)            5.0 (cm)
Diameter (max)            12.0 (cm)
Weight       0.200 (kg)



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