Mystim MasturbaTiN Dotty Donny



MASTURBATIN DOTTY DONNY – at sex a clear win by points

If you want to get straight to the point, get in close contact with MasturbatTIN Dotty Donny.
To visit his always receptive hole is a real delight and always wonderful.
Inside it feels quite natural.
Above all, the striking dot structure makes the contact with your adventurous rascal particularly intense.
Let’s go: See for yourself what he can do for you.


Honestly, the MasturbatTIN BroOnTheGo  Dotty Donny and his hot Bro’s Ribbed Ricky and Curly Curtis really can take quite a lot.
Still, when you take your favourite pocket hole out of the box be gentle as it is made of gorgeously soft TPE material.
Then take out the protective stopper, which pre-stretches MasturbatTIN Dotty Donny wonderfully and keeps it ready at all times.
Sudden headaches never happen to him.
First splash a little of the enclosed lubricant into it to loosen it up, then it slips all the better when immersed deeply.
So, swing your willie and show him that you’re not an asshole yourself.

By the way: As the real thing he is, MasturbatTIN Dotty Donny is ideal as a gift.


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