Mister B Thick Rubber Anatomical Hood Nose Only L-XL



Mister B carries a good range of good quality rubber anatomical hoods, of three different grades/thicknesses.
Since they’re all molded/shaped like real heads, these hoods are fantastic and comfortable to wear just on its own, or as underhood under a gas mask for instance.

Made of 100% natural black latex.

Of course, we made sure that the eyes and mouth openings are good, and especially that the nose holes are big enough and placed on the right spot to allow for sufficient air intake, so principally you can get enough air.
Having said that, a slight restriction in the freedom of the air, combined with the tight encased feeling of rubber hoods in general (especially when you’re in bondage), do remain in place, but that’s also a big part of the fun and the kick you get out of these hoods.

–          0.60 mm thick: Thick Rubber Anatomical Hood Noseholes only.
Available in two sizes: S/M (for head circumference 54-58 cm) and L/XL (head circumference 58-61 cm).


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