Mister B Leather Circuit Floppy Dog Hood Blue White



For the strong, fast, alert, and playful pup Mister B has created this Mister B Shaggy Dog Hood.

This Floppy Dog Hood is now also available in the Circuit colors: Blue/White and Red/Yellow!

This feisty pup hood is made of sturdy yet supple leather and is firstly equipped with a snap-on chin cup and secondly, with a detachable muzzle to go over the whole snout.

The detachable chin cup is an accommodating mouthpiece. Without it, fetching, drinking, and other activities (J) are quite easy to achieve. But wearing the chin cup just completes the look of this hood. The top side of the chin cup goes into your mouth, ensuring an intense smell and taste of the fantastic saddle leathers that we used to make these beauties.

The tongue is leather and removable to allow flexibility in expression. And because we know that you like to play around, we included BOTH a red and a white tongue with your dog mask, so you can choose.
But as if this is not enough, we furthermore added an accommodating detachable muzzle that snaps over the whole snout if you want to keep your pup under more control and avoid him or her licking and biting all over the place.


Material: full leather
One size fits (almost) all
Detachable chin cup with Detachable red AND blue tongues
Detachable muzzle
Available in full black, black with brown ears and muzzle, full brown stitched, Blue/White and Red/Yellow.


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