Mister B Hardware Steel ice Lock Small



The Mister B Hardware Steel Ice Lock Small is a fun and kinky new toy for anyone into BDSm.
This lock has a unique function and creates a great new way to play with your sub! Fill it with water, freeze it, hook it to your restraints and your sub can’t get loose until the ice melts! Its time-based torture! Sure to be fun for both of you!

A great way to keep your partner locked-up in their restraints for at least two hours with no letting go.
The instructions are simple.
Just fill the open end with water, insert the other piece inside it and place it in the freezer for about two hours.
When you remove it from the freezer it is a solid block of ice inside the encasing that will not let the two pieces apart until the ice melts.
Hook the rings on the two ends to any chain or restraint you like and keep your sub locked and bound until the ice melts.
Depending on the room temperature, this can be up to two hours, so make sure you are prepared for this amount of time being locked in!

Made with quality stainless steel, this item will not rust and will be great for play, time after time.
It’s a new, fun way to play with bondage and discipline!

As water freezes it expands.
So, ice has more volume (it takes up more space, but has less density) than water.
It expands approximately 9% by volume.

So don’t fill the lock up completely with water ,  leave some space !


Size: 17 cm


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