Mister B Hardware Finger Double Pinwheeler


With the Mister B Hardware Finger Double Pin wheeler you can always have sensation play at the tip of your finger.

This unique take on a Pin wheel allows you to wear two pinwheels on a ring like device.

The smooth rolling motion upon your lovers skin will produce a prickly, painful pleasure that will give them goosebumps.
Blindfold them to heighten the stimulation as your surprise them with every touch.
This durable instrument is secure on most fingers due to its three ring design.

Unlike single-row pinwheels which concentrate sensation to a tiny area for intense, precise stimulation, this 2 row version spreads the feeling across a 2.5 cm wide area for reduced intensity.
Spreading the sensation this way treats the receiver to a diluted, more-tingly-less-spiky experience that’s gentle and inviting.

Made of high grade Stainless Steel, which is highly polished and ultra-smooth – Nickel free.


  • 2-row stainless steel pin wheel for all over skin stimulation
  • Perfect for enhancing overall sensitivity for greater pleasure during play
  • Weighty design intensifies stimulation with minimal effort
  • Inner ring diameter is 2.0 cm
  • 9.5 cm in length


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