Mister B Deep Clean Dietary Supplement Caps 120


Everyone knows that when preparing for deep anal action, you need to do a deep anal cleaning.
 Mister B Deep Clean Dietary Supplement Caps are the easiest way to get the job done right! When preparing for a fun fisting session or playtime with big toys, it usually takes a little extra time to douche because you want a deep clean that will last a long time.
With just a few of these little caps a day, you will save time on douching, get a deep cleaning when you do and improve your overall digestive health with regular bowel movements.
You take it because deep action requires a deep clean.

Have you ever spent too much time douching that you ended up postponing your playtime, leaving your partners waiting too long? That’s valuable time that could be better spent with a fist or large object up your ass.
Or have you ever just given up on your douching session because it’s just not coming out clean?  And if scat play isn’t for you, but it finds its way into your playtime, then you need to improve your douching with a slicker, more reliable digestive system.
 Mister B Deep Clean Dietary Supplement Caps will help your system run more smoothly, making douching faster, easier and more effective.

This product gives you confidence before and during those longer, deeper anal sessions, so you can just relax that hole open and let your partner go deeper than before.

For some, douching too often can cause an electrolyte imbalance, but as part of your sexual wellness routine, the proven effect of daily prebiotics in this all-natural product contributes to the balance of microflora for better digestion and general well-being.

Remember, deep action requires a deep clean.

Recommended dosage: Take 3-5 capsules daily with plenty of water, or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Each pack contains 120 capsules (1000 mg each)


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