Mister B AK2S Verstelbare Plastic Klemmen Aan Ketting



The best choice clamps you can get on the market when you’re into nipple play: these Mister B AK2S clamps with chain.

Handcrafted for Mister B in the Netherlands, these clamps are made from German origin electro clamps (from Hirschmann). Once they arrive, they’re connected with a chain, and an adjustment screw is placed.
These screws allow you to determine the minimum opening of the jaws of these clamps.

The cross cut of the jaw is oval / not triangular.
Also the tiny metal teeth on the inside, will ensure that these one REALLY stay on and do not slip off.

The spring inside these clamps that provides the squeeze is a relative strong one.
This, combined with the tiny metal teeth, make these clamps suitable mainly for advanced players, since novices will tend to consider these as too painful.
But once the initial wave of pain is over, the pleasure just keeps on coming, which is a property more advanced players certainly will appreciate.


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