Black Label

Leather Spiked Vampire Crop


This Black Label Vampire Riding Crop is quite a vicious stainless steel + leather riding crop which lies nice and heavy in the hand.

The evil of this riding crop lies in the leather flap at the end.

On side is just plain and smooth, but other side is covered with quite sharp metal pins – so sharp in fact, that they can puncture the skin (albeit superficially).For heavy SM-pain pigs and Masters who like to draw some blood this is of course a plus, but for less extreme impact play the fun is much more in the suggestion that the sharp points generate in the sub.

This whip is an instant mindfuck, both for the sub and the top.

First, caress the skin of the sub – who’s preferable tied up for the best result – with the sharp spikes-side.

The sub imm ediately fears the worst, braces for impact and / or resists what he thinks is about to happen.

If you then use the smooth side for the real thing, you can see the sub relax and then enjoy the impact.

Length 63 cm , with leather wrist cord / hanging cord.



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