Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters Weighted Prostate Plug XL


Take a heavy blow to your back door – this curved comfort plug is made to fill your bum and rub your prostate with its velvety exterior and heavy metal weight.

This premium butt plug is ergonomically shaped to fill your butt with two spheres, each with an internal metal weight to add a firm mass to squeeze and a lovely downward pull to your hole.

 The plush, velvety exterior is made from premium silicone that’s phthalate-free and body-safe for satisfying, worry-free backdoor filling.

The slim base and neck are easy on your hole and your bum for even more comfort when you manage to fit this entire plug into your body.

Only compatible with water-based lubricants.

 Dimensions:Overall Length: 8.2 inchesTotal insertable: 7.6 inchesBulb Diameter: 2.1 inchBase Length: 4.3 inches Materials: silicone, metal Colour black Key features:Curved and spherical for a satisfying anal filling and intense P-spot stimulation; place at your own pace and enjoy the weighty feel and plush texture.

With internal metal weights in the first and second bulbs for a great downward tug and extra firm body to squeeze.

Made from high quality silicone material that is phthalate free and body safe for a firm, velvety anal filling that will keep you coming back for more.

The slim neck and base keep things comfortable when this weighted butt plug is inserted, allowing you to insert and wear it for extended periods of time with little discomfort.



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