ElectraStim Sensavox


ElectraStim SensaVox is a powerful electro sex stimulator that can be controlled by either mains or battery power.

It has a wide range of features to explore and can even stimulate in sympathy with audio using the included microphone or line-in cable.

Stimulator Features Mains or battery powered2 truly isolated stimulation channels (use different intensity levels on each channel)9 pattern settings99 intensity levelsModify Mode – Change the stimulation parametersAudio inputMicrophone inputBoost button – temporarily increase intensity by 25% Includes SensaVox EM140 Stimulator9 volt batteryWorldwide mains adapter2 Connecting cables (2mm pin connection)MicrophoneAudio line-in cableStorage caseCD Rom with stimulation tracks3 year warranty when you register your purchase Please note – no electrodes are included with this stimulator.



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