E-Stim Bipolar E Clip


The E-Stim BiPolar Electro clips (or EClips for short) are a rare but essential tool for anyone’s electro playbox.
The clip features two gold-plated electrodes within the clip, so current flows across whatever is gripped in the clip.

Unlike other copies, the E-Stim Systems EClip has an adjustment screw which allows you to limit the gripping force, ideal for connection to the more delicate body parts.

Supplied as a single clip, attached to a 1.5-meter cable with a 3.5 mm mono jack plug which is suitable for connection to any of the E-Stim control boxes.

Important warning note on safety, especially electro play on nipples: creating an electrical circuit through the chest is a no-no.
If you are intending to use two EClips on the same person, you only attempt this on a control unit with isolated outputs, such as the E-Stim high specification 2B control box.
Generally speaking: all electro play above the waist is to be avoided.


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