E-Stim 2B Accessory Pack


Introducing the New 2B accessory Pack.

If you have or are considering the purchase of the E-Stim 2B Electrobox, you want to look to expand your E-stim experiences.
E-Stim has combined the best accessories you might want into a pack that also saves you money (compared to purchasing the items individually).

This E-Stim 2B Accessory Pack contains:

1 An E-Stim Systems Universal 220V/110V mains adapter (with the adaptors), so you never run out of batteries again.
Another main advantage of using the mains adapter is that you instantly give your 2B an instant 30% more power.

2 The Digital Link Interface, which allows you to upgrade the 2B Firmware every time E-Stim releases new versions.
It also allows for control of the 2B via a PC or Mac computer, so now rather than just web camming, you can now actually have control of what they feel over the internet.

3 More Cables.
Two sets of 4 mm cables as no doubt you are going to be wanting to use some of E-Stim’s electrodes, most of which use the 4 mm connector.

Now available at Mister b.


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