Oxballs Airflow cockring - Space Blue


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AIR cockring is a new look and feel in cockringsa larger size cockring thats light as hot air..

This ring breathes, sweat & lube goes where you wantfeels like its part of you..

Made of our firmer super-stretch PLUS+SILICONE tpr/silicone blend, this has a rubbery stretch like silicone, strength like tpr..



This is a bulge-enhancing cockring--it pushes everything up and out but doesnt grip too tight, doesnt dig or pinch..

A cool new look for hot play..



  • Super light airflow cockring with 12 vent holes
  • Made from our new super-soft, stretchy PLUS+SILICONE tpr/silicone blend--strong like TPR but warm soft blubbery feel like silicone
  • AIR holes make this the lightest larger-size cockring we make
  • Holes keep lube where you want it, and this stretchy ring doesnt pinch
  • This is a long-wear bulge enhancing cockring, designed for comfort OXBALLS design copyright Blue Ox Designs LLC MATERIAL: PLUS+SILICONE LUBE: Safe with water and silicone lubes, oil-based lubes not recommended


CARE: Wash in warm soapy water after use, air dry, store separately..



5 H 2..

5 D 1..

15 Circumference: 7..

5 PACKAGING: W 4 x 6 x 1..


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