Mister B Pump Box S 4,5 cm Cylinder


Using the Mister B Vacuum pumping system is a perfect way to gain a few inches and / or a little bit of extra girth The effect can be temporary (just for fun on your own or with your partner wholl enjoy the extra stuffing), or more permanently (by repeatedly pumping every few days)

Pumping also increases the sensitivity of the penis but do not expect it to be much harder (although the thought and the fantasy of this game can work quite arousing)

We advise a Mister B Pump to operate this Mister B Cock Cylinder But since the connector is universal, these Mister B Cock Cylinders can be operated too with LAPD Pumps, Dr Kaplan and Boston Pumps

Sold individually, please choose the right size

How to determine your size / using instructions

  1. Determine whether you want to pump just your penis or both penis and balls simultaneously Keep in mind that your balls and penis cannot handle the same vacuum – so it’s usually better to pump them separately
  2. When you want to expand just your penis, choose between the smaller sizes (1 75 inch – 2 50 inch inner diameter) according to the size of your penis When you want to pump the whole lot, choose between the larger sizes
  3. Should size increase by regular pumping be the case, simply buy the next size up Cock Cylinder The Mister B Cock Cylinder range covers 95% of the sizes if a larger size is required, check out the LAPD collection, also available at Mister B

  • internal length 9 inch (22 5 cm)
  • internal diameters 1 75 inch (44 mm) / 2 00 inch (50 mm) / 2 25 inch (57 mm) / 2 5 inch (64 mm) / 2 75 inch (70 mm) and 3 00 inch (76 mm)
  • Original hi-end coupling which (almost) never leak or fail unlike Chinese copies
  • Mister B Vacuum Pumps advised for pumping
  • Universal couplings, also fit on LAPD, Dr Kaplan and Boston Pumps
  • Perfect seal by embedded O-ring construction
  • Vacuum remains when pump is removed
  • Also suited for wet pumping


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