ElectraStim Urethra Probe 9 mm.


If you love the unique sensations of urethral sounding but want to push your pleasure to the next level, try the ElectraStim Urethral Sound.

Made from smooth stainless steel with an insulating handle, this 5.1-inch length sound is designed to be used with an ElectraStim stimulator and any other uni-polar electrode (both sold separately). Choose between the 5mm , 7mm and 9mm sound.

Beginners should opt for the smallest size.

  For the best effect, use the sound alongside an electro cock ring (sold separately).  3 sachets of sterile lubricant and 3 sachets of cleaning wipes are included with the electrode to get you started.

Dimensions 130mm in length (approximately 5.1 inches). 9mm in diameter Materials 316 stainless steel with an insulated skin-safe rubber base.



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