Elbow Grease Cool Cream Quickie 30 ml


Elbow Grease Cool Cream for those who want a cool soothing experience.
Elbow Grease Cool Cream provides a multi-layered sensory experience designed to enhance your senses while minimizing friction.

Equally creamy as the Elbow Grease Original formula, this mineral oil based formula minimizes friction and dramatically increase glide.
It quickly coats and allows for a long-lasting and friction free experience.

Also try Elbow Grease Hot, Light or Regular Cream for alternative experiences.

  • Oil based massage cream.
  • Long lasting and friction free experience.
  • Creamy white.
  • Does not dry out.
  • Not compatible with latex.
  • Available in 4 oz (118 ml), 9 oz (266 ml), 15 oz (444 ml) pots.


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