BRUTUS Silicone String of Pearls 40 mm


Squirm with pleasure with these BRUTUS PEARLS string of anal or vaginal pearls! These BRUTUS PEARLS is a string with four anal balls which can be inserted and pulled out one at a time – which is a very intense and deeply fulfilling anal or vaginal experience. Since the BRUTUS PEARLS are made out of a single piece of velvety soft liquid silicone, there are no seams between the balls and the strings which vastly improves the hygiene and comfort during play. The strong material of the cord and the fingerloop facilitate easy and safe retrieval. Can be combined with all lubricants and (anal) relaxants – though water-based lube is recommended. Easy clean by hand washing with warm water with mild soap or any toy cleaner. Available in three sizes:• Small – with 30 mm balls• Medium – with 40 mm balls• Large – with 50 mm balls



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