BRUTUS Cyborg Chastity Cage – Black | Red


Lock Him Up!The BRUTUS Cyborg Cock Cage is a custom-adjustable chastity cage made of sturdy plastic. It can be perfectly adjusted to personal size and is therefore very suitable for wearing over a longer period of time. The Keyholder decides – do you dare to hand over the key?The biggest advantage of the Cyborg Cage is its particularly innovative construction. The penis cage itself has a hinge at the front, so it is easy to put your cock in it. Once the cage is closed, attach the two-piece bracket to connect it to the cock ring and lock it.The biggest plus of the lock is that it is completely concealed. You don’t have to worry about an annoying padlock dangling and rattling back and forth next to your cock. The seamless integration of the lock into the bracket of the Cyborg cage greatly increases wearing comfort.This Cyborg Chastity cage comes with four sizes of cock rings, so you are locked up safely but comfortably. Make sure the cock ring is tight enough so that the cock is not accessible, but not too tight so that circulation problems can arise.The Cyborg Cage is hygienic and easy to keep clean thanks to the ventilation slots.Last but not least: a second bottom cage is included for the Prince Albert carriers. This Prince Albert record has a little sound that protrudes through the bottom of your glans. If you have a Prince Albert piercing, it is even more impossible to get your dick out.Dimensions:Cyborg Cage length 7 cm, diameter 3 cm (medium size).Cock rings 38 / 43 / 48 / 52 mm.NOTE: PLEASE SOFTEN THE RESIN OF NEW BRACKETS BY PLACING THEM IN HOT WATER BEFORE ASSEMBLY. THE SOFTENED BRACKETS WILL ENABLE PERFECT ALIGNMENT FOR THE PIN LOCK TO ENTER. ONCE WORN SEVERAL TIMES THE BRACKETS WILL SET FOR LONG TERM EASY AND TAMPER PROOF CLOSURE OF YOUR CYBORG CAGE.



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