Topped Toys Mordax 90 - Blue Steel


SKU: 717124


You can't believe you're about to take this thing balls deep, can you?

At first glance this Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo looks like an absolute monster, because it is.Inspired by the wild mushrooms native to our home of British Columbia, this mouthwatering phallus is full of purpose.

Every accentuated flare and bump will drive your puss absolutely wild going in, and pop-pop-pop pull your lips on the way out.

Mordax's texture massages and rubs every fold of your insides like nothing else. It is perfectly balanced with length and girth for those long, deep thrusts you crave. You'll find that Mordax feels like it always wants to go deeper and deeper.

Mordax is designed to attach to any Vac-U-Lock system, perfect to strap on for a good gut-pounding pegging, and with a stable base if you just need to put it on the floor and drop your weight on it.

Max Circumference: 9in/22.9cm
Head Circumference: 6.5in/16.5cm
Base Circumference: 8.5in/21.4cm
Insertable Length: 10in/25.4cm
Max Diameter: 2.9in/7.4cm
Head Diameter: 2.1in/5.3cm

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