Topped Toys Grip 170 - Blue Steel


SKU: 717122


Just how much bigger can it get?

This 17 inch (43.2 cm) circumference plug features extra height in the neck to make sure the huge width clears your (ruined) hole.

Slide over this gigantic 5.1 inch (13 cm) wide plug for an insane - and insanely comfortable - stretch that will leave you gaping..With a 17-inch circumference at the widest point and a quick taper to a 12.5-inch neck, The Grip locks in place perfectly while conforming to the contours of your hole thanks to our super soft material. Squeeze and you ll feel the base against your straining hole. It feels so good, you might never want it out.

This isn't your Daddy's cone plug (unless he's your Daddy *wink*). With exceptional design detail and the best material available, The Grip is a cone plug that's made by sluts, for sluts. You'll love it. Trust us.

Like all Topped Toys, The Grip is made of our super soft platinum silicone which offers unparalleled flexibility while still providing maximum stretch. Our platinum silicone is also easy to clean, dishwasher safe, stain and smell resistant, and certified for body contact applications.

Max Circumference: 17in/43.2cm
Neck Circumference: 12.5in/31.8cm
Insertable Length: 8in/20.3cm
Max Diameter: 5.4in/13.7cm
Neck Diameter: 4in/10.2cm

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