Topped Toys Cetos 150 - Forge Red


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Cetos is a deep stretcher designed to torment your depths. Like it's namesake, a mythological sea monster, this blunt tentacle will slither into your hole with such ease you won't even notice you've reached the point of no return. Slide over the widest point to get the full ribbed mass inside you, then let each bump open your second ring as the wide curved mass forces its way deep inside your cavernous depths.Two wide points down the shaft of Cetos make this toy a pleasure for deep and long strokes. Past the widest point there's only the slightest of tapering, so don't expect any relief.

The bulging belly and tapered off back are meant to forcefully rub those folds and pressure points on your ventral interior for an evil grinding sensation that you're sure to find addictive.

Dimensions (cm)
Cetos 150 (cm)
Max Circumference 38
Max Diameter 12.2
Neck Circumference 35.6
Neck Diameter 11.4
Insertable 26.7

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