Mister B Rubber Penis- En Balhuls


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This is the Mister B Rubber Cock and Ball Sheath anatomically designed for a perfect fit for every mans meat.

The thin, detailed natural rubber latex encases your cock and balls whilst the rolled ring around the opening simultaneously functions as a cock ring, thereby enhancing your erection. Whether you are trying to spice up your bedroom fun or give it a fetish edge - this sheath is ideal for you. As with all these products, its a little tricky to get on, but once its on, it feels good.

Mister B carries three different rubber Cock and Ball Sheaths:

  • A closed one with smooth texture
  • A closed one with a dotted texture for extra sensation
  • Lastly, one with a tube at the end, allowing a free flow of liquids

This sheath is NOT a replacement for a condom.

As with all natural latex rubber products: do not combine with oil based lubricants. A silicone based lubricant is ideal to help you slip into it and to make it nice and yummie shiny at the same time.

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