Mister B Cock And Ball Box With Pin Prick


SKU: 540200


This Mister B Leather Cock and Ball Box is a three piece contraption for around your cock and balls. Adjustable in tightness with snap studs, the primary strap goes around your dick and balls, gripping it all together. The secondary strap separates your dick from your balls, and the third strap is there to separate the balls from each other.

This leather cockstrap features short sharp pins pricking through the lining on the inside for extra stimulation. These pins prick the skin, but are too short to break it.

Depending on what setting you put it, the resulting inner diameter of this cockstrap varies between approximately 40 and 50 mm, ensuring a nice snug fit around your dick.

Having this cockstrap around your dick and balls will lead to longer and harder erections which you (and / or your partner) will enjoy.

Also available in a pin prick version.

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