Electro Sex Flexible Penis Straps


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Electro Play set of 2 elastic penis straps including cable and 2 push button connectors. The soft and flexible woven straps are adjustable with a plastic buckle. There are 2 blue bands in the package, each individually uni-polar, and these can be worn in different ways.

On the penis shaft, behind the penis or around the scrotum. To create shock therapy, 2 uni-polar objects must be connected to the same body.

These stretchy fabric Electro bands are conductive on the inside and therefore ideal for cock and ball electro play.

Unlike electro cock rings, these electro bands have the advantage of being flexible and stretchy, therefore allowing for some room for growth, depending how aroused you are during play.

Use one as cock ring, and the other as penis ring. Or: one just below the glans, and the other at the base of the penis.

These bands can be used 'as is', or use with a contact gel for optimum contact.

These electrobands are designed for use with a TENS machine (not included).


  • 2 x Monopole electro cock strap bands made from Elasticated fibre, easy to wash and clean
  • 2 x 2 mm socket connector Leads
  • 1 x 2 mm TENS connector cable

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