Bondage Panic Snap


SKU: 612700
Manufacturer: Erotiekstore Leather


Panic Snaps, available at Mister B, are very useful for bondage because, unlike carabiners, they can be disconnected under load, as the panic snap is specially built so that the latching mechanism is separate from the load-bearing structure.

In BDSM and bondage panic snaps are used to secure bottoms in a safe way. They allow for a single hand to be used to release a bottom in an emergency. In some cases the panic snaps can be placed within reach of the bottom's hand in case the top should have an emergency, although this is not typical. In both cases, there is a potential risk if the release of the panic snaps allows the bottom to fall while unsupported. Because of the easy release mechanism, panic snaps are not safe for suspension purposes.

Made of chromed metal.

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