Crackstuffers Luca M


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Luca is great, one of our favourites already. Smooth yet still textured, those bumps are designed to tease your hole as it slides in and out, perfect!
The 2nd of 4 sizes, available in small, medium, large and extra large. It even features a suction cup, great for bouncing!
Always use plenty of lube, and they are safe to use with water-based lubes, silicone and oil based lubes such as Crisco.

  • Dimensions: Length - 27cm ( 10.62 )
  • Diameter - 4.1cm / 6.3cm  ( 1.61 / 2.48 )
  • Insertable Length - 22cm ( 8.66 )

* PLEASE BE INFORMED: Crackstuffers does not allow vending of this item on Amazon

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