Oxballs SACKJACK Electro Clear Frost


SKU: 566142
Color: Clear


Zap your sack with the electro version of Oxballs SACKJACK, available at Mister B..

The SACKJACK features an opening on each nut, not only for drainage during a hot and heavy watersports scene, but also to be used for the 4 mm aluminium contact points for some shocking electro-play..

These electro contact points are included with this product..

The SACKJACK is a super fleshy jerk off sleeve..

It s a combination of a ballsling with a jerk off toy, made from Oxballs signature FLEX-TPR so it s super blubbery and soft to the touch..



Melds to your junk just right to feel like you re jerking off your second skin..

SACKJACK s shaft is lined with nubs and ridges that feel fuckin amazing slurping n sliding on your slicked up meat..

The opening on the end means you can even piss with it on..



Best of all, SACKJACK looks nasty as fuck gripping your goods n milking your meat..



the clear frosted color lets you see your swollen hog while you work out that thick, creamy load..

The inside of the ballsling has a ribbed ring designed to grip your balls and keep them down in their new sweaty sack..

Guaranteed you ve never jerked it like this


  • Two aluminium 4 mm electro connectors included
  • FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic and phthalate free
  • Lube safe: water-based
  • Stats (Approximate): Cock and Ball Hole Circumference: 6 inch / 15..

    2 cm
  • Shaft Length: 5..

    5 inch / 14 cm
  • Outside Shaft Circumference: 5..

    5 - 7 inch / 14 - 17..

    8 cm
  • Inside Shaft Circumference: 3..

    5 inch / 8..

    9 cm
  • Weight: 349 grams / 12..

    3 oz

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