Oxballs Nutter Electro Ball Sling Clear


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Color: Clear


If you re a fan of the best-selling Oxballs SACKSLING ELECTRO but have a high n tight sack or like more grip on your goods, then you re going to love the Oxballs new design, NUTTER ELECTRO..

 Now available @ Mister B..

NUTTER ELECTRO is a fat fleshy sack covered in veins that s designed to encase your balls and zap your sack..


Think SACKSLING ELECTRO but with fleshier material and a tighter, more realistic nut sack design..


Every NUTTER ELECTRO comes with two 4mm aircraft aluminum contacts for hours of nasty electro-play..

NUTTER ELECTRO is made to keep the contact points pressed securely on each nut for maximum sack shocking..

NUTTER ELECTRO is made from FLEX-TPR so it s thick and blubbery but squishy enough to mold n stretch to the shape of your sack..


Whether you have fat loose huevos or tight grapenuts, NUTTER ELECTRO s soft material easily stretches to grip your sweaty ballbag and swollen cock..

A built-in version of our best-selling UNIT-X holds NUTTER ELECTRO tightly to your junk, even when you re thrashing around while your nuts gets zapped

For a really hot gear-fuck, try wearing NUTTER ELECTRO with one of our cock sheathsyour modified meat will look like one sleazy rubberized fuck toy..

NOTE: In order to create an electrical current, two electrodes (whether adhesive, aluminum, etc..

) must be plugged into the same stim unit via the appropriate connectors..



  • Made in CHINAdesign copyright ATOMIC JOCK
  • FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxicand phthalate free
  • Lube safe:  water-based, oil based, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes, always wash any stretchy toy in warm soapy water after use and store all stretchy toys so they do not touch each other..

  • Stats (Approximate): Cock and Ball hole Diameter: 4..

    25 inch/ 10..

    8 cm..

    Cock hole Diameter: 3..

    25 inch / 8..

    2 cm..

    Ball hole Diameter:  3..

    25 inch / 8..

    2 cm..

    Total Length: 5 inch / 12..

    7 cm..

    Weight: 180 gram / 6 oz
  • Available in black and clear

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