Oxballs MIGUEL Black


SKU: 790431
Color: Black


Are you a foreskin fanatic? Or maybe you re just the kind of guy who can never get too much uncut meat well if any of the above describes youyou re going to fuckin be all over the new OXBALLS cock sheath, MIGUEL.

MIGUEL is a meaty, vein-covered cock with a realistic hood and thick piss slit.

MIGUEL attaches to your junk by a built-in cock-sling base and melds to your cock like a second skin. It is made from FLEX-TPR.

MIGUEL s soft material and hollow chamber create a sucking sensation.

MIGUEL adds width and length to any dick if you are hung it stretches to fit...

For a tighter fit, MIGUEL comes with one ""nub"" insert that is designed to lock into the hollow chamber making the inside shaft shorter by about 1"".

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