Oxballs BALLSLING Ball-Split-Sling Black


SKU: 565030
Color: Black


You asked for it and Oxballs deliveredintroducing the special edition cocksling and ball-separator, BALLSLING..

  BALLSLING is everything you love about our original COCKSLING design but it s thicker, softer and even more bang for your balls..

BALLSLING has a built-in sack ring at the base and a thick strap of FLEXtpr that pushes down on your ballbag and acts as a separator..

The ring keeps your balls anchored down in the sling and the separator forces your nuts downward and away from each other for a sweet stretching sensation..

It s made from the signature FLEXtpr so it s super blubbery and squishy but still firm enough to squeeze and separate your sackyour nuts have never experienced anything like this..

It s perfect for guys who like having their jewels handled or to present your balls for a serious CBT scene..

BALLSLING also doubles as a bulge enhancer to fill out your favourite jockstrap pouch or some tight gear..

  • FLEXtpr safe, strong, non-toxicand phthalate free..

  • LUBE SAFE: Water-based or silicone..

  • CARE: Wash after use in warm soapy water, air dry..

  • Store toys separately: we recommend breathable cloth pouches or cotton socks..

  • Original design copyright OXBALLS
Stats (Approximate):

Width: 2 inches / 5..

08 cm

Height: 3 inches / 7..

62 cm

Main hole circumference: 4..

25 inches / 10..

80 cm

Shaft hole Circumference: 3..

75 inches / 9..

53 cm

Ball hole circumference: 3..

25 inches / 8..

26 cm

Weight: 1..

5 oz

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