Mystim Booty Garland Anal Beads S


SKU: 672047
Color: Black
Size: S


No matter, if somewhere over the rainbow or secretly under the covers Booty Garland makes you sing its praises..

Slowly inserting and withdrawing this wonderful anal chain will probably make you grin from cheek to cheek..

An ecstatic multiple chain reaction, because with four bulging balls, nicely lined up in a row there s plenty of orgiastic fun guaranteed..

And the best thing about it: You can have that stimulating pleasure every day..

Step by step and round by round..

Sounds magic, doesn t it?


Via the black marked conducting surface the soft and stimulating effect of the impulses unfolds just as you wish for it..

You're the one controlling it all and at all times, regulating intensity and impulse at will..

To activate the two poles, you need an electrical device like the Cluster Buster, Tension Love or Pure Vibes..


Booty Garland makes sure, that everything in your pleasure zone runs smoothly..

As soon as the four internal rotating balls get going, the party is on..

The more you are able to hold your horses, the longer you can enjoy your excitement and make the most of those moments of lust..

Use a water-based lubricant like Mystim s Bonny & Glyde and things will smoothly slip into place..

And as it just feels so nice, let s do it again and maybe anal this time? Make Booty Garland your ball and chain and blow your brains out..

Cleaning and care

Love at first touch: the balls are 100% encased with medical-grade silicone, have a very pleasant feel, are waterproof, easy to clean and silent while in use if not a little moan escapes your own lips here and there..

Get ready to kill some lustful quality time with fantastic orgasms..

The longer the better..

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