E-Stim Cable 4 mm


SKU: 673006


The E-Stim 4 mm Cable is designed for connecting any of the E-Stim Systems Control units to electrodes with 4 mm sockets, such as E-Stim s Insertable Range.

If you are looking to connect to electrodes such as self-adhesive conductive pads then you will need a 2mm / TENS cable.

Available at Mister B, this E-Stim cable will also work with control units from ErosTek, Folsom and PES.

If you have a power box or a TEN s unit from another brand, check out the E-Stim adapters that we carry.

  • 1.5 m long
  • With 3.5 mm jack socket on one end,
  • With two colour coded 4 mm banana plugs on the other

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